ALBION Grouo, s.r.o. is swimming and cover pool company from Czech republic. I made and make visualization of swimming pools, swimming pools covers and others for his.

I working for this company as employer now. I make video and animations too. It is useing on exhibitions and on screen of television in the company and etc.

  modeling: Plane poly modeling 3DS Max 8.0, + instant geometry
Final Render and Standard render
postproduction: Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas Studio
official site:



First swimming pool cover caled KLASIK saleing in the box for easy transporting and constructing. It is one of the group "BOX" swimming pools covers from ALBION Group, s.r.o.



Second swimming pool cover from "BOX" group. Every swimming pools covers are designed by designers from Solid Works program first and then take to me for visualization.

Klasik   Monaco


Another type of the swimming pool cover. Simply, clear and small.



One of the another type. Casablanca is the large and big swimming pool cover for exacting customers.

Dallas   Casablanca


Last one of "BOXes" type of the swimming pool Acapulco. It only prototype and it is not for sale.



It is one of the others projects for ALBION Group, s.r.o. company. Reservoir is images preparing into a magazine about  Home and Houses. It is cut of the reservoir for the water.

Acapulco   Reservoir
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